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Task3000 Family Of Products

What can Task3000 do for you? Task3000 system is package of programs that combines batch functionality of the big host computer and the simple graphical interface of the Microsoft Windows platform. With Task3000 system you can run Windows and console programs as batch tasks under the control of the Task3000 system. Tested with many popular programs like Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAS, Windows .cmd or .bat procedures etc. Task3000 integrates graphical and console applications and run it automatically according to the parameters. Automatic input and output queue handling, global and local variables for the task steps, snapshot of the console windows, return codes from the scanning of the file contents, procedures to handle the bad task execution, resource and time limits are the main advantages of the use of the Task3000 system. With the good hardware platform and properly implemented Windows Server the Task3000 system now runs several years without restart The result is comparable to the much more expensive host computer system and can be used for highly professional applications.

New: Task3000 now run on 64bit Windows platforms up to product version 6.X

Task3000 functionality is shortly described as Interactive Batch Multiserver Scheduler:

  • Interactive means that you can enter parameters for the task using simple Windows menus, with the parameters controlled by simple built-in checking routine tests like length, numeric, file, checkbox, combo box, date, time etc.

  • Batch meansthat machine will run the task automatically without user intervention according to the parameters given on the same or different machine (server).

  • Multiserver means that users can control tasks on any number of Task3000 Servers on the network or thru Windows Remote Access Service (RAS)

  • Scheduler means that your tasks will run once or repeatedly according to the scheduling plan. Scheduler is much easy manageable and more flexible than built-in Windows scheduler and enables you very complex scheduling with minimum set of parameters needed (like run task every working day 8 times from 8:00 in the morning every hour)

Task3000 was designed by professional network administrators, which try to do as much work as possible automatically, running the network of several hundreds PC and laptops, and several dozen of servers. It is design to run on Microsoft Windows operating system with the use of Local administration, NT Windows Domain or Active Directory service. Designers should have the knowledge of Windows network administrators to set the desired security on the file system and define appropriate users and groups (not necessary or optional for single workstation with Task3000 Personal server) Users should have only the knowledge of using the Windows thru standard Windows graphical users interface.

Examples of the best usage of the Task3000 system:

  1. Several Windows 98 workstations using Task3000 Menu are connected thru the network or RAS to the powerful Windows 2000 Professional with Task3000 Server to run batch tasks to run administrative tasks for running the store. Server has one powerful printer to print the documents. Benefits: single license can be used on the Windows 2000 Professional, central management and backup etc. Very cheap solution to run small networks.

  1. Task3000 designer is using laptop computer with Windows 2000 Professional and Task3000 Menu, Task3000 Workstation and Task3000 Personal Server. Tasks are designed and tested on the Task3000 Personal Server, and after successful testing they are running on the previously described system with several Windows 98 workstations and Windows 2000 Professional server. Benefits: Task3000 designer can be the employee of the firm or can be for instance the small firm which sells computers and integrate software solutions for their customers (acting as service providers for several firms).

  1. Large firm is using only Windows NT, Win2000 or Windows XP as a stable and reliable business platform for workstations and servers. Task3000 Servers are performing predefined tasks for the firm on several servers. Users have Task3000 Menu andTask3000 Submitter installed to use the functionality of automatic processing using batch tasks on one ore more servers with Task3000 Server. Firm use Active Directory Services, but Local administration is used. However, in the local users group global ADS group is defined as the user. Servers are members of the ADS. Firm have skilled Windows administrators, which also design the tasks with Task3000 Menu, Task3000 Workstation and Task3000 Personal Server on the portable computers. Benefits: Central management, automatic queue maintenance, less education of the users to perform the task, firm can use high speed network to connect dedicated servers, network traffic is mainly between servers using high speed backbone and not between workstations and servers, smaller license fee for the software etc.

Of course, this is not all. Please read the full administrators manual for full details.

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