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Task3000 Menu

Task3000 Menu is used to generate the tree level structures above tasks and other programs.

Main benefits of the Task3000 Menu:

  1. For each item on the menu you can use different font, font style, font size, color, script and effects.

  2. You can use elements Title, Label, Line, Space or Link to construct the item(s) on the menu.

  3. Link is actual the button. Clicking on the button perform a programmable action, which can be:

    1. Execution of the arbitrary program

    2. Jumping to the another Taks3000 menu

    3. Submitting the task to the Task3000 server

  4. Menu system is very flexible and enables the users to select the task from the menu, and user can therefore easily and intuitively performs the job. It is the top level of the Task3000 system, which is developed to drive the fully automated system underneath.

  5. Tree structure of the menus is kept in the sequential files, and the tree structure can be simply modified by changing the links.

  6. Users can or cannot edit the menu system optionally by using integrated edit system.

To enter the parameters for the execution of the Task3000 task you need to enter parameters and Task3000 Menu is shipped together with Task3000 Submitter, which is designed for that.


Screen Shots

Main.jpg (123388 bytes) Edit.jpg (64453 bytes)

Task3000 Submitter

Task3000 Submitter is shipped with Task3000 Menu and is used to send the proper parameters to the task. Parameters for generation of the Task3000 menu are generated by Task3000 Workstation program.

Main benefits of the Task3000 Submitter:

  1. Simple checking of parameters is performed, like test for numerical data, limiting the entered parameter by minimum and maximum, checking the date, selecting the files by menu and checking the existence of the file etc.

  2. Users can correct only the necessary parameters, which are checked for correctness before execution. This avoids errors during execution and less educated personal can use the system to perform very complex tasks.

  3. Task3000 Submitter menu can be generated by using Task3000 Workstation program, which have very simple menu driven edit system to build the menu.

  4. Users can use integrated checkboxes to determine, whether step of the task will be executed or not.


Screen Shots

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