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Task3000 Personal Server

Basic job of the Task3000 Personal Server is to execute the prepared tasks according to the parameters given and maintaining the Task Queue.

Main Task3000 Server/Task3000 Personal Server benefits:

  1. Managing the task queue, task(s) can be controlled easily with insinuative menu system. Tasks can be monitored in their execution queues (Ready, Running, Waiting and Complete), with all general parameters and step parameters.

  2. Very complex but easy to use scheduler enables you to run tasks on appropriate date/time. Nonworking days are easily excluded; repetitions of the tasks can be easily controlled during long period of time and all that is controlled with just one menu on Task3000 Workstation with several parameters. Task3000 server administrator can change parameters during and before task execution. 

  3. Task3000 server administrator can control dispatching priority and can thus influence on the total server throughput.

  4. Classes can be used to set the initial execution limits automatically. Tasks can be grouped depending on the importance and desired execution by classes automatically. With classes we can also defined limits, under which task execution will be terminated, because task uses too much computer resources (memory, CPU time and on Windows 2000 or higher also input-output). After task consumes defined resources, it is automatically cancelled. However, after task is cancelled, server gives the task some time to enable the necessary cleaning after abnormally ended task.

  5. Each task gets it own Task Number and automatically generated directory for storing the data (%T3S% directory, actual structure is domain, user, project, task number). Number of created directory for each task can be controlled on server level. This enables easy handling of the multiple task execution.

Task3000 Personal Server only:

  1. Task3000 Personal Server run as application program in the context of current user. It is started automatically when the user submits the task.

  2. Only one task can be executed simultaneously.

  3. Task3000 Personal Server does not maintain security on the file system.

  4. Task3000 Personal Server best usage is to design and test the tasks, which will be executed on the dedicated Task3000 Server. Errors and strange behavior can be monitored without the risk of the danger, that this will influence the normal Task3000 Server functioning.

  5. Other usage is complex execution of several programs; each program is executed in one step.

  6. During task execution user can control programs normally via GUI, but this interactive behavior must be eliminated to run the task automatically on the dedicated Task3000 Server.

Warning: On the Windows 98/ME execution of Task3000 Personal Server is limited:

  1. Task step commands like Cancel, Stop, Start are valid from next step only and do not influence the current step execution. Stopping the current program execution is very unstable on the Windows 98/ME by design.

  2. Execution is subject to very serial processing; every message box stops the execution of the all tasks etc.

  3. Capturing of the console window automatically works well only for the console window with number of lines 25 and 43. Use output redirection to files instead.

  4. During executing blinking of the console window is normal.

  5. Command prompt must be used like Command.com /c. Using of Command /c only produce strange results.

In spite of all that, experienced developer can use Windows 98/ME to develop the task, which will be executed on the Task3000 server with only minor or no modifications.

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