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Task3000 Server

Basic job of the Task3000 Server is to execute the prepared tasks according to the parameters given and maintaining the Task Queue. It can run also on Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP, if the number of simultaneous users is less then or equal 10 (recommended by Microsoft).

Main Task3000 Server/Task3000 Personal Server benefits:

  1. Managing the task queue, task(s) can be controlled easily with insinuative menu system. Tasks can be monitored in their execution queues (Ready, Running, Waiting and Complete), with all general parameters and step parameters.

  2. Very complex but easy to use scheduler enables you to run tasks on appropriate date/time. Nonworking days are easily excluded; repetitions of the tasks can be easily controlled during long period of time and all that is controlled with just one menu on Task3000 Workstation with several parameters. Task3000 server administrator can change parameters during and before task execution. 

  3. Task3000 server administrator can control dispatching priority and can thus influence on the total server throughput.

  4. Classes can be used to set the initial execution limits automatically. Tasks can be grouped depending on the importance and desired execution by classes automatically. With classes we can also defined limits, under which task execution will be terminated, because task uses too much computer resources (memory, CPU time and on Windows 2000/XP/2003 also input-output). After task consumes defined resources, it is automatically cancelled. However, after task is cancelled, server gives the task some time to enable the necessary cleaning after abnormally ended task.

  5. Each task gets it own Task Number and automatically generated directory for storing the data (%T3S% directory, actual structure is domain, user, project, task number). Number of created directory for each task can be controlled on server level. This enables easy handling of the multiple task execution.

Main Task3000 Server only benefits:

  1. Task3000 Server is designed to run on the dedicated server. It can be installed instead of Task3000 Personal Server, but both servers cannot run on the same machine. It is assumed, that it runs in the administrators context as logged in administrator and have full rights on the system. Task3000 Server assigns each task only the rights as defined by user defined by the task Logon parameters.

  2. Task3000 Server Autologon feature enables the functionality of automatic logon after power failure.

  3. Because Task3000 Server runs as normal process created by user with administrative rights (controls the active desktop), there is no limited functionality and every program designed for Windows runs without limited functionality. Current test with running the Task3000 Server as service shows that a lot of problems arise from such approach and make the task execution very limited. We are still researching this option.

  4. Task3000 Server can on the NTFS partitions control the default security and prevent the users to easily watch the data from other user on the queue. Because of that NTFS partitions are recommended for storing the task queue data, and that location is the only parameter before Task3000 Server is firstly started.

We recommend to run only previously tested tasks. Please use Task3000 Workstation and Task3000 Personal Server to eliminate the interactive behavior errors and other strange behavior. Remote control of the Task3000 Server is possible with some program which handle screen snapshot and keyboard remotely. We can recommend VNC (GNU license, VNC was developed and copyrighted by AT&T Laboratories Cambridge) or Remote Desktop Connection (built-in Windows XP/2003).

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